Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sallys buy 1 get 1 FREE....and other news

Hey Naturalistas!!!!!

Today I scored BIG TIME. Sally's Beauty Supply had a buy 1 get one free sale going on for 2 days ONLY. Boy did I score big. I purchased ALL of the As I Am Naturally products I have been dying to try for months.
Products I purchased were:

Cocoa Shea Spray 4oz.
Leave-in Conditioner 8 oz.
Moisture Milk 8 oz.
Twist & Defining Cream 16 oz.
Double Butter Cream 16 oz.
Coconut Co-wash 8 oz.*Long time fav*
Hydration Elation 8 oz.

Since I am such a product junkie, and have so much crap that I need to try and need to review, I will be using one product line for a month straight  to give my hair time to decide if it likes the products or not. Please stayed tuned and stay patient with me as I continue to provide product reviews for you guys.

In other news....Yes I know, its been a while since I have come to you guys with a post. If you ONLY KNEW how busy I have been. Being a full time graduate student, on top of working a full time job, on top of working part time on the weekends, leaves me with absolutely NO TIME. Things are going to change however, and I will soon be back to you all regularly with at least 2 posts per month! I also plan to redo my blog completely and start a new, fresh looking website!!!!

Thank you all for continuing to follow my blog, and for sticking by me as I work out all of the kinks in this journey of a natural hair blogger. New and exciting things  to come....

Until next time,
Peace and Love,