Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Cantu Cowash vs. As I am coconut cowash

So whenever I go into Walmart I can never just go in and get what I'm looking for without going to the hair care aisle. *sighs*
Yesterday I was browsing and noticed a new cowash cleanser by Cantu. It came in a tube, and was under $5. Sadly I gave in to the inner product junkie telling me to buy it and try it. I had high hopes for this product, because I love there naturals line. (Coconut curling cream and the hair lotion).
I was so disappointed :-(!!!!! I parted my hair into 4 sections as usual when I'm ready to wash. I wet my hair and proceeded to put this on the first section of hair. First of all, it did not feel good going on. It did not spread evenly onto my hair, and I had to use A LOT of it for just ONE section!!!!! I was so disappointed. It didn't lather at all, nor did it feel like it was cleansing my scalp or hair. I gave up and started using my trusty coconut co wash by As I Am. The As I Am products always get the job done!!!!! I will be returning the cantu cowash and exchanging it for a new bottle of the coconut cowash. I give the Cantu cowash a 1/5, 5 being perfect and 0 being awful. My thick hair needs a products that spreads evenly and is thick also. It's unfortunate but oh we'll :-(. I still enjoy the other cantu natural hair products and will continue to use those!!!! Any specific questions? Leave comments!!!!
Thanks guys!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to the fro!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!
So this past weekend, I decided to wash my hair. You guys know that about 2 weeks ago I decided to straighten my hair. Well this past week it started to revert back, and it was sweating out :-/ I didn't want to keep putting heat on it to keep it straight, so I decided to just go ahead and bring the fro back!!! I was nervous to wash it, because I was scared I would have heat damage!!!
Heat damage is basically hair damaged by the use of excessive heat (ex: flat irons, blow dryers, marcel irons etc.) damaged hair will appear limp, brittle, thin and will not match the true texture of your hair if it were not heat damaged. A lot of women use heat so much that they don't even know what there true texture is without the damage. Their hair may appear straight, when truly their hair is damaged.
I washed my hair with the Aunt Jackie's oh so clean moisturizing shampoo. It was cleaner than expected, especially since I used heat protectant to straighten and coconut oil to keep it shiny. I decided to take a comparison shot of my hair, to show the shrinkage I get when my hair is wet!!! It's amazing how much type 4 hair can shrink!!!!!!! May hair shrinks up at least 50-75% of its length. I have learned to embrace shrinkage, because it comes with having natural, healthy hair.
After washing, I deep conditioned with the Eden Bodyworks deep conditioner, and used my heated bonnet for about 30-45 minutes. Washed out the deep conditioner and twisted my hair up. My hair has been twisted up since I washed in on Saturday and will probably stay that way until I wear it out this weekend. All and all, I'm so happy that my hair isn't damaged and it reverted back to how it is when in its natural state. Next time I wash my hair, which will be this coming weekend, I will be doing a protein treatment to keep my hair nice and strong.
I'm super close to having bra strap length hair, I'm pretty sure that once my 3 year anniversary comes I'll be past bra strap length :-)
Let me know if you guys have any questions!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today's outfit, why I've been away, straight hair & warm weather!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been so busy with some other exciting ventures!!!! I am starting my own company along with my cousin, which will sell Women's street wear. Products consist of screen tees, snap backs, beanies, crew neck sweaters and buttons. I am so excited about this, because I've always been into fashion! I will do another post later with more information and specifics about it.
Today, it's supposed to be a wonderful 80 degrees here in Cleveland Ohio. I'm so excited about this because Cleveland is WELL know for it's bipolar weather conditions. I wore a very springy, yet comfy outfit today to enjoy the warm weather. I have on a fuchsia blouse purchase from Marshall's about a year ago, some high waisted black and white polka dotted trousers ( from the thrift store) and some black patent leather Steve Madden flats. I accessorized with silver jewelry, silver chained necklace and silver bracelets.
If you are wondering about my hair, I'm proud to say that it is still pretty straight. Lol .l I haven't had to go back over it with the flat iron to many times. I've been wrapping it at night and using coconut oil for shine and moisture. I will be washing it sometime next week, I do miss my fro lol. Ill be sure to do a post to show how my hair reverts back and if I notice any heat damage. ( *crosses fingers*).

Let me know what's up with you guys, and if you have any questions or comments! Enjoy your day!!!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Straight hair: 2 yrs & 8 months natural!

So a few posts ago, I stated that I probably wouldn't be straightening my hair until my 3 year anni in August. Lol, well I lied. I decided to go ahead and straighten my hair last night, just to check my progress and for my BFF's bridal shower this weekend. From start to finish, wash, blow dry & flat iron it took me about 4 1/2 hours. This is one of the main reasons why I do not straighten my hair often. Lol straightening brought back memories of the hair salon, and the long hours and processes of getting my hair done. Anyways, my hair has grown considerably since my last flat iron in October 2012. It is about an inch away from bra strap length. In october 2012 my hair was at little past collar bone length. My hair is definitely healthier, shinier and my ends are not as split as the last time I flat ironed. I have to say that deep conditioning once a week ,doing sporadic ACV rinses and NOT using heat at all, has helped me to retain major length. I can also say that protective styling has helped also. Wearing my hair in a protective styles during the week, has helped preserve my ends and has helps my hair grow faster than usual. I will continue my current regimens, and in a year or so I hope to be at mid back length when flat ironed!!!
I used a carols daughter macadamia oil heat protectant. I out it on before i blow dried my hair and a little before I flat ironed. I love it because it leaves my hair soft and shiny, and also prevents frizz. The only thing about that heat protectant is the PRICE.
Let me know if you guys have any questions about techniques used to flat iron and blow dry. & if you want to know what kind of flat iron I used.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Duro Olowu for JC Penny

So I was walking through JC penny last night, looking for a simple black dress and some panty hose for my best friends bridal shower this weekend. As I was walking along, I seem some jackets, skirts, blouses and shorts that immediately caught my eye. I was a bit confused because I have never seen such interesting and detailed pieces of clothing at JC penny before. I mean the detail on these clothes were amazing! The print was very vibrant, colorful and fun. I looked on the tags to see who these clothes were from, and the name read "Duro Olowu" Now, I can say that I immediately knew this was an African designer, because my significant other is African (Nigerian). I thought to myself, these clothes are amazing!!! I Proceeded to look through the racks and immediately walked away. Lol I knew that if I stayed much longer, I'd probably buy one of everything on the rack, which didn't need to happen.
Duro Olowu is a Nigerian born, London based designer, internationally know for his fearless prints and vibrant colors. His collection brings plaids, geometric shapes, florals, tribal prints and animal patterns. Items from his collection can range anywhere from $10-$90 dollars, jewelry included!!!
When I tell you guys that these items are amazing, I truly mean this. The quality of the garments were great also, and you can tell great thought and time were put into making pieces for this collection. Please check out Duro Olowu's collection online, it is offered at JCP. I will definitely be heading back to pick up a few things!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple work attire (thrift store pieces put together)

Work attire can be quite expensive, especially if you shop at well know stores like Banana Republic, Lerner's, Express or Dillard's! Why spend an arm & a leg on work pants, dress pants, blouses, belts and dresses? Cut your cost's by purchasing quality used items, from your local thrift store or consignment shop, while still being trendy & Chic! Most days when I need to find blouses and cute dress pants I don't even shop at department stores or the malls anymore. Especially when I know I can go to my local thrift store and find gently used or brand new items of good quality ,for a fraction of the cost. My place of employment requires employees to wear business causal attire. A simple blouse, cute fitted waist belt, dress pants or skirt, and a nice sweater are my go to items when I dress myself for work everyday. What do you like to wear to work? Is it hard for you guys to find good quality, yet affordable dress clothes? How do you guys pair different outfits?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

If you can't already tell... I Love Thrifting!!!!

Just picked up a few of my thrift stores finds from the cleaners and I'm SO excited to wear every piece! Every time I go to the thrift store and find a fabulous piece of clothing, I say to myself.. *how could anyone get rid of these!!!* I found a cute black graffiti printed blouse, a sheer white chiffon blouse, a hot pink jacket a cute clutch and chain purse. Spent a total of $10 on all of these items at my local thrift store!!!!!! I believe I bought these on the day that everything in the store was 1/2 off. These items are perfect for spring and summer!!!! Do you guys like to shop at the thrift store? What good items do you find? Please share with me!!!!

Quick post. Then & now :-)

Just a quick comparison photo of my hair from June 2012 and a pic from February 2013. Lots of growth!!!!! Even though it doesn't seem like you hair is growing, IT IS!!!!! Have a great day guys!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Product Review: Eden Bodyworks Jojoba & monoi all natural Deep Conditioner

I have been dying to get my hands on this conditioner for some time now. After reading reviews on www.naturallycurly.com , Curlmart's Instagram page and other various blogs, I've read mostly good things about this stuff. I've always seen the Eden Bodyworks hair care line at Walmart's and Sally's, but because there are so many new natural hair care lines out today I never thought to try it out. I picked up the conditioner on a whim while grocery shopping one day just to give it a try. As I stated in an earlier post, I'm still on the look out for that staple deep conditioner, for times when I don't feel like making my own homemade concoction.
Sundays are usually my scheduled wash days, unless I'm to lazy or to busy that day to get it done. I co washed my hair with my beloved As I Am coconut cowash in 4 sections. *working with my thick hair, in sections is A LOT easier for me* . After washing, I parted those 4 sections already made into 2 sections, while applying this product. I started at my ends and worked all the way up to my roots, making sure not to apply to much. This product is really THICK. Not that I'm complaining because my hair needs thick products to penetrate it. But when using this you don't need a lot of it. I could immediately feel it working into my hair! After applying I used my deep conditioning bonnet purchased from Sally's, & heat conditioned my hair for about 45 minutes. I proceeded to rinse off in the shower, and once I took of the conditioning bonnet my hair was SO soft! My ends were so hydrated, I could tell because my ends were curled and shiny. Once I rinsed all of the product out is used ACV (apple cidar vinegar) to give my hair a final rinse.
Overall, I give this product a 4/5. It was thick, and it gave my hair great moisture:. The only reason it gets a 4/5 is because the smell wasn't what I expected. The smell was very strong, that of tea tree oil or mint and I didn't really care for it.
This product can be purchased online, at Walmart, Sally's or even some targets carry it. The price point was really good, this was about $8.99 at Walmart. For that price and the amount given in the container, you can't beat what you receive from this deep conditioner!
Please let me know if you have any questions. Don't be afraid to go an pick up and try it out!

Peace & Love,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Commonly used terms for those with natural hair!!

Hey guys!!,
I figured I'd give some good information to those who are following my blog and thinking about going natural or are at the start of there own natural journey. These are some commonly used terms you will see used amongst many different blogs, natural hair websites and YouTube videos!!!! It took me a while to figure them all out, when I started my journey lol. I hope this helps :-)

2nd day hair- Hair that looks good (at least decent) when you wake up the next morning.( For me 2nd day hair is hair that is stretched a but more then when it was when I washed it). You don't have to do much before walking out of the house. Some are lucky enough to get 3rd and 4th day hair! (My hair looks better and better as the days go on because it gets stretched out more and more when I braid it up at night)

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar
(used to seal cuticle...final rinse. Also know to clarify and remove buildup from the hair and scalp. I swear by ACV rinses!!!!)

APL- Refers to length-- arm pit length.

Baggy - After you moisturize your hair at night, you put a shopping bag, plastic cap, shower cap on overnight on the ENDS or your hair. This helps to preserve the ends of our hair, which is the oldest part of our hair. Our ends are also more prone to breakage which can prevent length retention.

BC - Big Chop - cutting off all your chemically treated hair

BNC- Braid-n-Curl, simply plait or braid the hair and roll the ends on rods or flexis.

BSL- Refers to length-- bra strap length

BSS- Beauty Supply Store

CBL- Refers to length-- collar bone length.

Co-Wash- Using conditioner to wash the hair in place of shampoo

Cones- Are 'silicones', or ingredients found in hair care products that are not water soluble (i.e. you need shampoo to remove). Failure to wash out cones may lead to build-up, which may result in dry hair and breakage (due to suffocation of the strands).

CG- Refers to the "Curly Girl" method explained in the book by Lorraine Massey. It is a philosophy for curls that involves, no or low shampoo, cone avoidance, and conditioner washing...among other things. These are just a few of the basic tenants. (I have been going by the curly girl method since I've been natural. I use products that contain no harsh chemicals that may dry out or damage my hair)

DT or DC- Is a deep treatment or conditioner. A DT is when you leave a moisturizing (or protein based, depending on your needs) conditioner on your hair for an extended period of time, along with a heat source to aid in penetration.

Dusting- Dusting your hair is a trim of 1/4 and inch or less. This method is also referred to as dusting because even though your hair is being trimmed evenly, it is so little hair, that it just looks like dust on the floor.

EO- Essential Oil

EVCO- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (used in conditioning treatments)

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (used in conditioning treatments)

MBL- Refers to length-- mid back length.

Nappyversary- The anniversary of the day you became a natural

No-poo- It's just that- no shampoo. Ladies who follow this routine are CG'ers and don't use cones or other heavy/oily products that may need shampoo to remove. Instead of pooing, many ladies conditioner wash, or use conditioner in place of shampoo to cleanse the scalp.

Pineappleing- a type of sleeping technique that curlies with long hair use to
preserve/protect curls overnight so that they have great 2nd day hair. You gather all of your hair in a high, but loose
pony tail at the top of your head and go to sleep on a satin
pillowcase. In the morning you take it down and shake it out gently and
all of your curls will have been preserved.

PJ- Product Junky or someone that buys any all hair care products in sight...forever on a mission to find the next best thing.

Plopping- A quick dry method. You use a t-shirt or a curl friendly material (terry cloth towel, paper towel) to dry your hair instead
of rubbing a towel on your hair to dry it. It drastically decreases drying times.
( I use a t-shirt to dry my hair instead of a towel. Keep lint from getting in my hair!)

Pre-pooing- A treatment applied prior to shampooing. It usually consists of oils and/or conditioners applied the night before the shampoo or immediately prior, with a heat source to help penetrate. This is usually performed to help the hair maintain necessary moisture during the drying shampoo process.

Sealing- Is essentially sealing moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. For sealing to be effective, you must first use a water-based moisturizer (a conditioner or cream that has water as its first ingredient), and then seal with a butter or oil. The molecules in most butters/oils are too large to pass into the hair, so they stick to the outside of the shaft, trapping in the rich goodness of the moisturizer. Reversing those 2 steps will lead to dry hair. Sealing has saved my hair.
( I seal my ends almost every night. I have to , to protect the ends of my hair and keep them moisturized)

Slip- Used to describe how slippery a product is (usually a
conditioner or detangler)... the more slip it has, the more effectively
it will coat the hair to aid in detangling.

SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (found in the harsher shampoos- the main reason that CG'ers avoid poo).

TNC- Twist-n-Curl. This is my signature style. I twist the hair and roll the ends.

Transitioning - This is the period of time since one's last relaxer.

TWA- Teeny Weeny Afro

Twist Out - Two strand twist the hair, allow to dry either by air drying or sitting under a dryer, take the twists apart, and style.

Wash and Go- Simply co-wash your hair, add a styler (gel, cream) and GO You leave the hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser. Although this style is cute and easy, my ends couldn't handle it. This is also seen as WnG, and W&G.