Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Duro Olowu for JC Penny

So I was walking through JC penny last night, looking for a simple black dress and some panty hose for my best friends bridal shower this weekend. As I was walking along, I seem some jackets, skirts, blouses and shorts that immediately caught my eye. I was a bit confused because I have never seen such interesting and detailed pieces of clothing at JC penny before. I mean the detail on these clothes were amazing! The print was very vibrant, colorful and fun. I looked on the tags to see who these clothes were from, and the name read "Duro Olowu" Now, I can say that I immediately knew this was an African designer, because my significant other is African (Nigerian). I thought to myself, these clothes are amazing!!! I Proceeded to look through the racks and immediately walked away. Lol I knew that if I stayed much longer, I'd probably buy one of everything on the rack, which didn't need to happen.
Duro Olowu is a Nigerian born, London based designer, internationally know for his fearless prints and vibrant colors. His collection brings plaids, geometric shapes, florals, tribal prints and animal patterns. Items from his collection can range anywhere from $10-$90 dollars, jewelry included!!!
When I tell you guys that these items are amazing, I truly mean this. The quality of the garments were great also, and you can tell great thought and time were put into making pieces for this collection. Please check out Duro Olowu's collection online, it is offered at JCP. I will definitely be heading back to pick up a few things!!!

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