Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to the fro!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!
So this past weekend, I decided to wash my hair. You guys know that about 2 weeks ago I decided to straighten my hair. Well this past week it started to revert back, and it was sweating out :-/ I didn't want to keep putting heat on it to keep it straight, so I decided to just go ahead and bring the fro back!!! I was nervous to wash it, because I was scared I would have heat damage!!!
Heat damage is basically hair damaged by the use of excessive heat (ex: flat irons, blow dryers, marcel irons etc.) damaged hair will appear limp, brittle, thin and will not match the true texture of your hair if it were not heat damaged. A lot of women use heat so much that they don't even know what there true texture is without the damage. Their hair may appear straight, when truly their hair is damaged.
I washed my hair with the Aunt Jackie's oh so clean moisturizing shampoo. It was cleaner than expected, especially since I used heat protectant to straighten and coconut oil to keep it shiny. I decided to take a comparison shot of my hair, to show the shrinkage I get when my hair is wet!!! It's amazing how much type 4 hair can shrink!!!!!!! May hair shrinks up at least 50-75% of its length. I have learned to embrace shrinkage, because it comes with having natural, healthy hair.
After washing, I deep conditioned with the Eden Bodyworks deep conditioner, and used my heated bonnet for about 30-45 minutes. Washed out the deep conditioner and twisted my hair up. My hair has been twisted up since I washed in on Saturday and will probably stay that way until I wear it out this weekend. All and all, I'm so happy that my hair isn't damaged and it reverted back to how it is when in its natural state. Next time I wash my hair, which will be this coming weekend, I will be doing a protein treatment to keep my hair nice and strong.
I'm super close to having bra strap length hair, I'm pretty sure that once my 3 year anniversary comes I'll be past bra strap length :-)
Let me know if you guys have any questions!!!

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