Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Cantu Cowash vs. As I am coconut cowash

So whenever I go into Walmart I can never just go in and get what I'm looking for without going to the hair care aisle. *sighs*
Yesterday I was browsing and noticed a new cowash cleanser by Cantu. It came in a tube, and was under $5. Sadly I gave in to the inner product junkie telling me to buy it and try it. I had high hopes for this product, because I love there naturals line. (Coconut curling cream and the hair lotion).
I was so disappointed :-(!!!!! I parted my hair into 4 sections as usual when I'm ready to wash. I wet my hair and proceeded to put this on the first section of hair. First of all, it did not feel good going on. It did not spread evenly onto my hair, and I had to use A LOT of it for just ONE section!!!!! I was so disappointed. It didn't lather at all, nor did it feel like it was cleansing my scalp or hair. I gave up and started using my trusty coconut co wash by As I Am. The As I Am products always get the job done!!!!! I will be returning the cantu cowash and exchanging it for a new bottle of the coconut cowash. I give the Cantu cowash a 1/5, 5 being perfect and 0 being awful. My thick hair needs a products that spreads evenly and is thick also. It's unfortunate but oh we'll :-(. I still enjoy the other cantu natural hair products and will continue to use those!!!! Any specific questions? Leave comments!!!!
Thanks guys!

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  1. Hi Dani - as the brand manager for Cantu I appreciate your comments and will work to improve the formula.