Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guest feature: Meet fellow Natural Ebony!!!

I am proud to introduce the first featured natural on confessions of a natural gal, Ebony!!!!! She has always embraced her natural curls and loves to try different styles! If you have any question for her specifically please leave comments below :-)

1. Please introduce yourself!

Hello, My name is Ebony!!!

2. Why did you decide to go natural/ become chemical free?

When I was younger I had very long curly hair and against my mother's will someone permed my hair. From then on when I got older I would get a perm every six months to a year until I just completely stopped getting them around age 17. I will soon be 25. My hair has been very long, but I've cut in it and colored it many times so now I'm about shoulder blade length.

3. How would you describe your natural hair texture?

My hair texture is kind of weird... I have one side that's extremely soft and curly and yet another side that's a little more corse. None the less it's very easy to manage although its very thick!

4. Describe your most recent style regimen within the last month.

My recent styles have been the Bantu Knot out and just a huge bun on top of my head lol.

5. What's your go to hairstyle(s)

I would say these are my go to styles but I sometimes pull of a basic twist out or a mohawk.

6. Do you have a specific wash regimen?

Normally when I wash my hair I do it in the shower to insure that all product is washed completely out. Normally when finished, I Bantu Knot my hair. But for protective styling I put my hair in a tight bun to protect my ends.

7. What are some of your favorite hair products?

I have recently started using the As I Am line. I wash with the coconut co-wash, I then de-tangle my hair using a wide tooth comb... every 2 weeks I deep condition with the Hydration Elation. But in between I use the leave in conditioner. I moisturize with Shea butter oil and butter cream. So far the only products that have given me the results I wanted are the As I Am products, but I am looking for a product that will promote less hair shedding.

8. Do you have any natural hair goals?

I don't really have a hair goal as of now, because I have had really long hair and it can be a lot to handle. As long as my hair is full and healthy I'm happy.

9. Do you have any advice for other new naturals or those aspiring to be natural?

My biggest advice to anyone inquiring about being natural is to never allow anyone to talk you out of being natural. There are still some people who can not accept a woman in her natural form but I feel there is nothing more beautiful. You'll often hear "it doesn't look good on everyone" but as long as you know how to make the look "you", I promise you'll love it. The journey of being natural is a bit much at first but push through it... It gets easier and it's so worth it in the end. Just continue to love yourself, love your hair, and love the skin you were created in! Remember only the strong will survive. God Bless you my natural beauties, Ebony.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creme of nature edge control

I have an obsession with edge controls. I currently have about 3 sitting in my closet with all of my other products. My favorite one currently is Creme of natural edge control. It gives my edges shine while slicking them down when I wear a head band or a bun. I've previously used olive oil edge control, but didn't care for it because of the residue it left on my hair :-(
The Creme of nature edge control was only about 3-4 bucks at my local beauty supple store. Give it a try of you already haven't and let me know what you think! The next edge control I want to try is the silk elements edge control. :-) I've been eyeing it and seen it at Sally's beauty supply one sale :-)
Im currently still going with an old twist and curl style. It's time to wash, I've just been to lazy to do so lol :-/ whenever I don't feel like washing just yet, I pull out my trusty goody headbands and pull my hair back or pull it up into a bun!
Have a good day y'all!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thrift haul! <3 <3

Hey guys!
I wanted to take a couple moments to show you guys some items I found at my local thrift store. I love shopping, but I also love finding older vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe. A lot of fashions have been recycled over the years, and we see a lot of different things coming back into style! Bold prints & bright blazers are amongst my favorite things to find at the thrift store. Not only are they good quality, but they are typically the same kind of styles we now see at local stores like forever21 & H&M. Here's a couple of the items I found. All the items I buy from thrift stores are thoroughly cleaned. I take them to the dry cleaners immediately and sometimes I'll wash them again if I can lol.
I can't wait to wear this stuff I bought!!!!! Don't forget to comment, subscribe and let me know if you need some tips ;-)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 1/2 years natural!!!!

Today I am 2 1/2 years natural!!!!!!!!!!!!
My big chop was August 21st 2010. I can't believe that all this time has gone by. Seems like yesterday I had no hair on my head, and now believe it or not, it's pretty much back to where it is when I got a relaxer. I'll be doing a length check sometime next week. I will not be straitening my hair. Last time I straightened was October 2012 and I told myself I wouldn't straighten again until my 3 year anniversary. I'll post some pics of what I looked like when I big chopped up until now. Stay encouraged! Ttyl

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to the mini twists...

Hey guys,
I decided to put my hair back in mini twists. After about a week of wearing the twist and curl, I decided it was time to go back to protective styling and put my hair up for a while. Last night after I co washed with the as I am coconut cowash, I proceeded to twist my hair up all over. Products used where: keracare naturals leave in conditioner and the African pride, bouncy curls pudding (love!). As I've stated before its easier for me to work with my hair in sections. Section by section I applied the keracare leave in, worked it through and made sure to get my ends also. I then applied the African pride product and twisted.
I tried a new method last night of stretching my twists. When I do mini twists I do them on wet hair, & my hair shrinks up soooo much while wet. So I decided to pin down my twists lasts night, right side going to the left, and left side going to the right. (I seen this method on Instagram from a natural lady I follow named : (itsmskimmichelle)).I woke up this morning and my twists were way more stretched than they usually are, the night after a good wash!!!! I will be trying this method more often. :-)
Now, with twists, I usually pin them up but this morning I was running late. So I put on a headband for now, and I'll pin them up tomorrow for the rest of the week. What protective styles do you like to do with your hair? I'll post a pic later of how I chose to pin my mini twists this week.


Product review: "As I Am" coconut cowash

Morning everybody,
I have finally tried the famous As I Am coconut co wash! & I'm very excited to give your guys a review with my honest opinion. First let me just say that I hate washing my hair. The longer it has gotten, the more work it is to cleanse and condition it. I'm a student and I work full time, so most times I'm busy. When I get home from a long day I don't really feel like doing my hair at all. But it was time for a much needed cleansing so I finally did it.
This product was purchased at Sally's beauty supply, and it can also be purchased online from or other vendors. The product is originally $8.99, but Sally's was having a $2 off sale on all As I Am products so I bought this one first. I eventually will try the whole product line but not at this moment.
The consistency of this product was creamy, and the smell was of coconuts (of course) :-) the product comes in a 16 oz jar, which is pretty decent for the price. The product contains no harsh ingredients such as parabens , silicones or sulphates which can damage or strip the hair of its natural oils.
When shampooing or co washing my hair I always part my hair into 4 sections, which makes things a lot easier when detangling in the shower and rinsing. Section by section I wet my hair, and applied the product, detangling with the product in my hair. Let me just say that this stuff is the BOMB. It went on smooth, it had great slip and I was able to detangle my hair with ease. I don't think my hair has ever by this easy to detangle!!!! I lightly scrubbed my scalp and smoothed through, then rinsed. Once I rinsed this stuff out my hair was soooooo soft! It didn't feel stripped or dry, yet it felt cleansed and my scalp felt clean also.!!!! Because of the ease of detangling, this product has already won me over. After co washing I proceeded to put on my trusty tresemme natural conditioner for some extra moisture and I let it sit for about 30 minutes., then rinsed it out and styled.

If I had to rate this product guys, I'd give this a 9/10. The only reason it gets a 9 is because I wish it came in a bigger container. I'm curious to see how long this product will last me, depending on how often I cleanse my hair. I have very thick hair and so I need to use more product than most to saturate my entire head and comb through. Other than that this cowash cleanser is awesome! I think I'll be going back to Sally's this weekend to pick up 2 more containers before the $2 sale is over with!!! :-).
If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask! Stay tuned for more product reviews!!!!!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to preserve twist and curl/ stretched out hair

Hey guys!
Just coming to you real quick to show you how my twist and curl has held up on day number two. I was nervous about preserving this style, but I think I did a pretty good job. I re- twisted my hair and re-rolled the ends with the perm rods. I followed the same procedure this morning when I woke up, took out perm rods, undid twists, and fluffed for a full look :-) I apologize for not taking pics of the step by step process, I will be sure to do that for every style I post in future. Anyways I'd say that my second day twist and curl style came out pretty good! Sunday I'm going to cowash the hair, I'm not sure what other style I'm gonna try yet. Stay tuned for a review on the as I am coconut co wash!!!!!! See pics below for perm rods used, second day hair and my favorite gel used with this style!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Twist & curl style :-)

How's everyone been? I tried a style for my valentines date tonight and I'm loving it! This is called the "twist & curl". Products used were: water, Shea moisture restorative conditioner, and ampro olive oil gel. I had in a protective style for about 3 days, and got tired of it. Lol. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love switching up my styles, I get bored with the same things.

How I created this style:
Sectioned the hair, and sprayed ends of hair with water. ( Not to much because my hair shrinks up ALOT! I wanted to keep some length) I applied the Shea moisture restorative conditioner from root to tip, and then finger combed it through. (My ends are the driest part of my hair and I have to moisturize them daily.) I then proceeded to apply the ampro olive oil gel (not a lot of the hair will get crunchy) and two-strand twisted the hair. I used perm rods, purchased at my local beauty supply store and rolled up the ends of my hair until the rod reached half of the twist. Did this all over my head, put on my bonnet & enjoyed my night :-)
This morning, I took out the perm rods first, untwisted the twists and then separated the hair and fluffed. Voila! Fabulous, cute twists with curls. I think this will be my go to style for the summer :-) ill be wearing this for the next couple days until its time for a wash.
Let me know if you have questions!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New edgy protective style

Protective styling at its best :-)

I tried and new style and I love it!!!! My mother braided up the sides of my hair, and the back. I have some leave out at the top. Last night, I sprayed water on the leave out, smoothed on some Shea moisture restorative conditioner and braided in sections. I covered my hair with a scarf & this morning, I woke up and fluffed! I love this. I'm gonna try to get a good 2 weeks wear out of this style. Kudos to my mom, she can braid very well :-) leave questions and comments!
Later guys!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Braid outs & moisture :-)

Braid outs are my favorite way to stretch my tightly coiled hair. When any type of moisture or water touches my hair, my hair shrinks up a lot!!!!
This past weekend I decided to clarify my hair and deep condition. Here's a little recap of products used and steps followed:
I washed with keracare naturals cleansing cream. This does a great job of really getting buildup off of my scalp and getting my strands squeaky clean!!!! I then proceeded to deep condition with one n' only Argan oil moisturizing deep conditioner. As I've said before in a previous post I'm on the hunt for a great deep conditioner, and so I bought a 99 cent pack of this at Sally's beauty supply. It worked wonderfully! After shampooing in 4 sections, I proceeded to apply this conditioner in 4 sections. Placed a plastic cap over my head and let it sit for about 2 hours. Once I rinsed it out, my hair was so soft! I then proceeded to do an ACV ( apple cider vinegar rinse) ACV removes product build up and cleanses the hair completely
(more to come on ACV rinses!).
After clarifying with ACV I used the LOC method to moisturize and braid my hair into sections for the braid out. Products used for the LOC method were,WATER, Shea moisture restorative conditioner & Africa's best herbal oil. I let dry over night, woke up this morning & lightly blow dried my hair at the roots. I do this because it takes FOREVER for my hair to dry, and because I like to stretch out the braids a little to obtain some length. Unbraid, fluff & go!!! Simple yet easy style for everyday :-) To maintain this style for the week, I will re-braid in bigger sections at night :-)