Monday, February 11, 2013

L.O.C method

Good morning friends!
Moisturizing your natural hair, or even relaxed hair is so very important! My hair is very tight, coily and kinky. my hair tends to get very dry, especially in colder winter months. The ends of my hair are the driest, so I concentrate on them the most when moisturizing. Here are a series of steps I follow when I moisturize my 4a/4b hair.

The LOC method is a series of steps, including the use of Water (H2O), an oil, a leave in conditioner (optional) and a Cream.

1. Liquid- moisture begins with water! Water is so essential to our everyday living, not just for our hair but to keep our bodies hydrated. Water will eventually evaporate, we must use something to lock the moisture into our hair
2.Oil- grapseed oil, coconut oil (my favorite), jojoba oil, olive oil or any all natural oils are great for locking in moisture, as well as sealing the ends of the hair. Remember to only use sparingly; because if you use to much the hair can become oily.
( the use of a leave in conditioner can be inserted in between the application of water and oil. This is not required, but is only and extra step if your hair is really dry and requires extra moisture! Ex. Kinky curl knot today, Shea moisture restorative conditioner, cantu Shea butter leave in repair cream etc)
3.Cream- this could be a butter, pudding or cream. This step makes sure to keep moisture locked into hair. This is also the styling step, and often we can use creams, butters and puddings for styling also. Ex. Shea butter, mango butter or any commercial products: Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, cream of nature, Jane carter, keracare etc.

Following these steps at least every other day or every couple of days depending on the dryness of your hair, will keep your mane moisturized and soft!
Please comment, and ask any questions you my have!
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