Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Product review: "As I Am" coconut cowash

Morning everybody,
I have finally tried the famous As I Am coconut co wash! & I'm very excited to give your guys a review with my honest opinion. First let me just say that I hate washing my hair. The longer it has gotten, the more work it is to cleanse and condition it. I'm a student and I work full time, so most times I'm busy. When I get home from a long day I don't really feel like doing my hair at all. But it was time for a much needed cleansing so I finally did it.
This product was purchased at Sally's beauty supply, and it can also be purchased online from curlmart.com or other vendors. The product is originally $8.99, but Sally's was having a $2 off sale on all As I Am products so I bought this one first. I eventually will try the whole product line but not at this moment.
The consistency of this product was creamy, and the smell was of coconuts (of course) :-) the product comes in a 16 oz jar, which is pretty decent for the price. The product contains no harsh ingredients such as parabens , silicones or sulphates which can damage or strip the hair of its natural oils.
When shampooing or co washing my hair I always part my hair into 4 sections, which makes things a lot easier when detangling in the shower and rinsing. Section by section I wet my hair, and applied the product, detangling with the product in my hair. Let me just say that this stuff is the BOMB. It went on smooth, it had great slip and I was able to detangle my hair with ease. I don't think my hair has ever by this easy to detangle!!!! I lightly scrubbed my scalp and smoothed through, then rinsed. Once I rinsed this stuff out my hair was soooooo soft! It didn't feel stripped or dry, yet it felt cleansed and my scalp felt clean also.!!!! Because of the ease of detangling, this product has already won me over. After co washing I proceeded to put on my trusty tresemme natural conditioner for some extra moisture and I let it sit for about 30 minutes., then rinsed it out and styled.

If I had to rate this product guys, I'd give this a 9/10. The only reason it gets a 9 is because I wish it came in a bigger container. I'm curious to see how long this product will last me, depending on how often I cleanse my hair. I have very thick hair and so I need to use more product than most to saturate my entire head and comb through. Other than that this cowash cleanser is awesome! I think I'll be going back to Sally's this weekend to pick up 2 more containers before the $2 sale is over with!!! :-).
If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask! Stay tuned for more product reviews!!!!!


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