Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creme of nature edge control

I have an obsession with edge controls. I currently have about 3 sitting in my closet with all of my other products. My favorite one currently is Creme of natural edge control. It gives my edges shine while slicking them down when I wear a head band or a bun. I've previously used olive oil edge control, but didn't care for it because of the residue it left on my hair :-(
The Creme of nature edge control was only about 3-4 bucks at my local beauty supple store. Give it a try of you already haven't and let me know what you think! The next edge control I want to try is the silk elements edge control. :-) I've been eyeing it and seen it at Sally's beauty supply one sale :-)
Im currently still going with an old twist and curl style. It's time to wash, I've just been to lazy to do so lol :-/ whenever I don't feel like washing just yet, I pull out my trusty goody headbands and pull my hair back or pull it up into a bun!
Have a good day y'all!


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