Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to the mini twists...

Hey guys,
I decided to put my hair back in mini twists. After about a week of wearing the twist and curl, I decided it was time to go back to protective styling and put my hair up for a while. Last night after I co washed with the as I am coconut cowash, I proceeded to twist my hair up all over. Products used where: keracare naturals leave in conditioner and the African pride, bouncy curls pudding (love!). As I've stated before its easier for me to work with my hair in sections. Section by section I applied the keracare leave in, worked it through and made sure to get my ends also. I then applied the African pride product and twisted.
I tried a new method last night of stretching my twists. When I do mini twists I do them on wet hair, & my hair shrinks up soooo much while wet. So I decided to pin down my twists lasts night, right side going to the left, and left side going to the right. (I seen this method on Instagram from a natural lady I follow named : (itsmskimmichelle)).I woke up this morning and my twists were way more stretched than they usually are, the night after a good wash!!!! I will be trying this method more often. :-)
Now, with twists, I usually pin them up but this morning I was running late. So I put on a headband for now, and I'll pin them up tomorrow for the rest of the week. What protective styles do you like to do with your hair? I'll post a pic later of how I chose to pin my mini twists this week.


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