Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hey World, Welcome to my Blog!!!!!

Danielle my name, I'm a 20 something PYT, Born and Raised in Cleveland, Ohio. *GO BROWNS!!!!!!!*.. haha.
I decided to create this blog about my natural hair journey thus far and all the tips, tricks and random things I've learned while being natural.  My last relaxer was in July of 2010. Instead of growing out all of my relaxer, I was impatient and I "Big Chopped" August 21st 2010. Soooo, that means I've been natural now for 2 years and 4 months!!! I'm so pumped about that, you have no idea. Everyday that goes by, I'm still learning something new about my hair and how to keep it healthy.
This blog will show some of my life, and what I enjoy most. FASHION, natural hair products, random events and other fun things about myself. I will also occasionally feature other natural friends and acquaintances on this blog, and do TONS of product reviews. GET READY FOR SOME FUN! until next time.
Peace & Love,
Dani <3


  1. Im excited! Can you post about the weave you had in lol. Im having mixed thoughts about it now. But im pleased to say Im rocking my natural hair, and its so healthy and long (middle of back/bra legnth)

    1. yes ma'am. I will def post about the extentions I had in. When I did have them, in a Loved them. Thats my go to style for winter time:)

  2. Ok cool! I will try that hair later this year. I just purchased virgin Indian hair that I will be using soon :)