Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hair types. Do you love your hair?

Hair types. In the African American community, women and men put SO much emphasis on hair. Whether is long or short, "good hair" or "bad hair", "nappy hair" or "fine hair", there's always someone comparing your hair to the next persons hair. Because more and more women are starting to wear there hair naturally, and abstain from the use of chemicals to permanently straighten there hair, it is noticeable that women are starting to embrace the hair they were born with. 
There is a hair typing system within the natural hair community that many naturals go by. Personally, I'm not that in to the hair types, because I have so many different textures of hair in my head. Briefly, here are the different hair types ( this type can also have sub/ categories also)

Type 1 hair: straight hair ( this hair can range from fine to coarse in texture)

Type 2 hair: wavy hair, with a definite S pattern to it ( this hair can also range from fine to coarse and be frizzy more than type 1 hair)

Type 3 hair: curly hair, when wet it can appear straight. When dry it returns to its curly pattern. ( this hair can consist of loose curls or tight curls)

Type 4 hair: kinky, very tightly coiled hair. ( can be coily, kinky or wiry, have an S patter or zig zag pattern )

Again, I don't really get to much into the hair typing system. No specific hair type is better than another, and they all must be cared for differently in order to retain length and the healthiness of the hair. I am majority 4a/4b with some 3c in the back. It's taken my almost 3 years of being natural to know what my hair really likes and what it needs. Whether you have fine hair, straight hair, coily hair, frizzy hair, or kinky hair,embrace what you were born with, learn to care for it correctly and you will see amazing results! Let me know if you have any questions! Please comment and subscribe!!! Thank you

My new favorite Cowash!!!!!/ product review

So as some of you may already know by following my blog, I LOVE to co wash my hair. Co- washing is the use of conditioner to cleanse the hair and scalp. Many African American women, or women of color with curly hair choose to co wash instead of using regular shampoo. Most shampoos contain harsh sulphates and ingredients that can strip the hair of its natural oils and shine. For my coily 4a/4b hair, co washing works wonders all year around, in every season.  Co washing also works great for weave hair, which I install time to time for protective styling. Co washing weave hair keeps the hair shiny, bouncy and tames fly- always and keeps tangles at bay. 
If you follow my blog, you know I have posted a few times about a co wash that I loved in particular by As I Am, called coconut co wash! I love, love, lovr this co wash because of the smell, the slip it gives me when detangling in the shower, and the moisture it gives my hair after rinsing it out. Well, I kinda cheated on my coconut co wash , lol * sad face* and decided to give another co wash cleanser a try. I've been eyeing this particular product for a long time, and have been very reluctant to try it. 
I picked up the Pantene "truly naturals" co wash from Walmart. It's not in the black hair care aisle, which surprised me, it's in the aisle with all the other hair care products for Caucasians and other ethnicities. 
To make a long story short, I co washed my hair yesterday, because it was in need of moisture and had been in a bun all weekend. I followed my normal routine, parted my hair into 4 sections and went to work. The smell is amazing, has a fresh fruity smell, similar to other Pantene products. When I put this on my hair, it glided right through. It felt moisturized, it was creamy, and I really felt like it was cleansing my hair and scalp. Detangling was a breeze, the comb glided right through my hair!  I'm sorry to say but this product may be replacing my beloved As I am coconut co wash. You get 22.8 oz for 5$ which is AMAZING for someone who co washes once a week! I give this product a 5/5 for the price, and because it gets the job done, quite well I might add! This can be purchased at your local Walmart, target, CVS and Walgreens.  Please comment, leave suggestions and let me know if you guys have tried this! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essential oils for natural hair/skin

Good morning!!!!!
Essential oils are natural oils that are used for everyday things, and can even be used for skin & hair.
Essential oils include: jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grapseed oil, castor oil, mustard seed oil and etc. My favorite oil hands down is coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the only proven oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen from within. Coconut oil gives sheen, and also is very light and not  "greasy" feeling.  I usually use coconut oil all year around, and it's a good oil to use when trying to seal moisture into the hair. coconut oil can be used just to give hair extra shine! I purchase my coconut oil from Walmart in the cooking aisle. Coconut oil is also excellent for the skin, and I use it on my body from time to time. There are other places coconut oil can be purchased, including online shops and specialty markets like whole foods or markets. From time to time I use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), when I'm making homemade  deep conditioners and/or doing hot oil treatments. EVOO is great for strengthening the hair also, but it doesn't penetrate the hair shaft, like coconut oil. What are some of your favorite essential oils? Let me know! Comment and subscribe! Thanks guys!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer hair regimen vs. winter hair regimen

Hey guys! Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been really busy with work, school & my new business ventures.
With winter behind us, spring here and summer approaching, I thought I'd give a quick summary of my regimen for warm weather!

Wash day- I will still continue to co-wash my hair once a week, because I've found the moisture levels in my hair are better in doing this. Still using my trusty As I Am coconut co wash. I use a sulphate free shampoo once a month and do a ACV rinse (apple cider vinegar) once a month to remove buildup.
My usage of products will stay the same. I don't use any products that contain protein, because my hair is protein sensitive as I've discussed in previous posts. I use water based, products, and most of the products I use contain glycerin & oils. I will still be using the "LOC" methods, although I've kind of switched that method around to LCO instead of LOC. I've found that my hair responds better, and holds more moisture if I use liquid, cream & then an oil of my choice, which is usually coconut oil. I have to moisturizer my hair every day or every other day. My hair gets very dry very fast , so it's important to moisturizer often!
I spray my hair everyday with water before I apply any products for moisturizing. In the summer I probably will wear my hair out wet more. Not a wash n go because I hate those for my coily hair, but it takes my hair FOREVER to dry after a night of washing and prepping for the week.
What are your summer hair regimens? What do you guys, do differently in the summer than you do in the winter? Let me know!!!!