Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hair types. Do you love your hair?

Hair types. In the African American community, women and men put SO much emphasis on hair. Whether is long or short, "good hair" or "bad hair", "nappy hair" or "fine hair", there's always someone comparing your hair to the next persons hair. Because more and more women are starting to wear there hair naturally, and abstain from the use of chemicals to permanently straighten there hair, it is noticeable that women are starting to embrace the hair they were born with. 
There is a hair typing system within the natural hair community that many naturals go by. Personally, I'm not that in to the hair types, because I have so many different textures of hair in my head. Briefly, here are the different hair types ( this type can also have sub/ categories also)

Type 1 hair: straight hair ( this hair can range from fine to coarse in texture)

Type 2 hair: wavy hair, with a definite S pattern to it ( this hair can also range from fine to coarse and be frizzy more than type 1 hair)

Type 3 hair: curly hair, when wet it can appear straight. When dry it returns to its curly pattern. ( this hair can consist of loose curls or tight curls)

Type 4 hair: kinky, very tightly coiled hair. ( can be coily, kinky or wiry, have an S patter or zig zag pattern )

Again, I don't really get to much into the hair typing system. No specific hair type is better than another, and they all must be cared for differently in order to retain length and the healthiness of the hair. I am majority 4a/4b with some 3c in the back. It's taken my almost 3 years of being natural to know what my hair really likes and what it needs. Whether you have fine hair, straight hair, coily hair, frizzy hair, or kinky hair,embrace what you were born with, learn to care for it correctly and you will see amazing results! Let me know if you have any questions! Please comment and subscribe!!! Thank you

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