Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple work attire (thrift store pieces put together)

Work attire can be quite expensive, especially if you shop at well know stores like Banana Republic, Lerner's, Express or Dillard's! Why spend an arm & a leg on work pants, dress pants, blouses, belts and dresses? Cut your cost's by purchasing quality used items, from your local thrift store or consignment shop, while still being trendy & Chic! Most days when I need to find blouses and cute dress pants I don't even shop at department stores or the malls anymore. Especially when I know I can go to my local thrift store and find gently used or brand new items of good quality ,for a fraction of the cost. My place of employment requires employees to wear business causal attire. A simple blouse, cute fitted waist belt, dress pants or skirt, and a nice sweater are my go to items when I dress myself for work everyday. What do you like to wear to work? Is it hard for you guys to find good quality, yet affordable dress clothes? How do you guys pair different outfits?

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