Thursday, December 12, 2013

Product Reviews Galore!!!!

Hi All! 
Black Friday has come and gone. On that day, my mom (who is also natural) and I decided to indulge in some of the sales that went on from various natural hair care companies. I will be doing reviews on each product after I have had enough time to successfully use all of them. I want to be able to give you the best and most honest reviews possible. Here's a list of the products purchased:
1. Darcy botanicals avocado and honey twisting cream
2. Darcy botanicals Shea butter moisturizing cream
3. Carols daughter monoi shampoo
4. Carols daughter monoi  conditioner
5. Carols daughter monoi hair mask
6. Camille rose aloe whipped butter gel
7. Camille rose fresh care hair smoother
8. Obia naturals twist whip butter
9. Obia naturals curl hydration spray 
10. Alikay naturals lemongrass leave in conditioner
11. Aliyah naturals Shea yogurt moisturizer (sample)
12. Jane carter nourish and shine
13. Jane carter wrap and roll spray

All of these products will be reviewed within the next couple of months. Please bare with me in doing so :-) 
My hair has grown A LOT since I removed my most recent protective style. I will be allowing my hair to breathe for 3-4 weeks and then I will be installing another sew in to carry me through the next 6-8 weeks of winter. 
Thank you for reading my posts! I appreciate all my followers and subscribers. Happy holidays and happy new year to you all!