Thursday, February 6, 2014

Carols daughter Monoi products: Review

Hello everyone!
I'm back, to do a long awaited review on the Carols daughter Monoi products. This review will be posted in sections over time, because I tried each of the products at different times. For Christmas, my awesome mother purchased a BUNCH of products for me to try, and these products were included in that bunch. 
I recieved the following:
-A bottle of the monoi sulfate free shampoo
-The monoi repairing conditioner
-The monoi repairing hair mask

(Later on in the month, I purchased the monoi oil, and the monoi anti-breakage spray.)

First up is the carols daughter monoi sulfate free shampoo!
The sulfate free shampoo is a non sudsy shampoo, with the most awesome smell. The smell is hard for me to describe, but it's not to strong and also not to faint. 
This product is marketed to ALL hair types, and hair textures. So no matter your ethnicity or hair type, this product will help you with excessive shedding and hair breakage. 
I always start the hair cleansing process by pre-pooing my hair with coconut oil, and also detangling. This helps to take out any shed hairs, and coat my hair strands to prepair for the shampoo process. 
I sectioned my hair into 4 sections and proceeded to work in the shampoo. Immediately after applying the shampoo, I could feel a big difference in my hair, Strong, fortifying and repairing. While all of this was going on, my hair was still soft.  Because I felt like the shampoo did it's job initially, I did not proceed to use the hair mask or the conditioner the first time around. I didn't want to overload my hair with to much of a strengthening  product, which could potentially cause breakage.  I rinsed out the shampoo normally, and proceeded with my normal conditioning routine. 

This product is a thick, creamy consistency that comes in a 8.5 fl oz bottle.  For this bottle size, the cost is $20.00. This is very pricey, considering how much of the product you receive and how much you may have to use.  This depends on how much hair you have, the thickness and porosity. Other than the price, I give this shampoo a 4/5 stars. It does a great job of strengthening and repairing hair, while preventing breakage up to 98% after the first use! (As listed on the bottle)
This can be purchased at Ulta, and other hair care websites. 

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  1. This is on another topic but I recently straightened my hair and kept it that way for three weeks...I went wash it and...depressingly my curls did not.revert back to my original pattern I'm literally depressed I miss my babys (curls).. is there anything I can do to get them bck??? Please help #agirlwithlesscurls

    1. Sediah,
      Try protein treatments! Go to the store and buy the protein treatments in a pack. Or use and egg , yogurt or Avacado in your conditioner. That should help with the reversion of your curls. I'm so sorry you have hear damage :-(