Sunday, July 21, 2013

Product review & apologies.....

Hi guys,
I know, I know. Don't kill me! I've been away for a spell. My apologies! So much has been going on within the past couple months! Holidays, traveling, business ventures. I have been one BUSY woman!  Not to mention, that my hair has been in a protective style for the past month or so... I've been wearing my u part wig, and I recently got a full sew in with bangs while out of town for the July 4th holiday!!! Janice (my hair) needed a break! I definitely enjoyed the change I received with having some long flowing yaki hair in lol. It was nice not to have to detangle and twist up my fro for a while. 

Anyways, I recently took down the hair this weekend. My head was itching, and i was over it. lol I kept the sew in, in for a solid 3 weeks.  Anyone who knows me knows I get tired of things VERY quickly and I love change.  Besides, I was missing Janice (my fro) so much. The night I took it down, I decided to use a new product I bought while in Atlanta. I finally got to try the new Cantu Shea butter leave in repair cream with argan oil. 
There is another formula of this cantu Shea butter without the argan oil. This is the newest version! I braided my hair in plaits, and used this to braid with. 

I sectioned my hair in medium sized sections and raked this product through my entire head. I placed a generous amount on my ends as well. I put on my satin bonnet and went to sleep. 
Morning time came, I unraveled the braids & these were the results 

Soft, manageable, fluffy hair! The definition wasn't as good as I liked, but I can look past that because my hair was super soft! This product as of now, definitely gets a 5/5 from me. It's a thick, creamy, moisturizing leave in with a great smell! Left my hair soft and manageable. The real test will be when I use this on wet hair. I then sealed my hair with one of my fav products, carols daughter hair balm. 

The cantu Shea butter can be purchased at any Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or Target! Let me know if you guys have questions or concerns!!!! 


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