Saturday, June 14, 2014

What those "hair supplement" companies DON'T tell you!

Hairfinity. The Mane Choice. Both of these companies are very well known companies in the natural hair community. Both offer hair products and tools to many women who have natural hair. What they are both very well known for are natural hair supplements that they offer to all ethnicities of women. You see their ads all over Instagram and Facebook, and based on the stories and "testimonies" listed on social media , you are then lured into the buying trap that these companies want you to be in.

A little background about my hair: I have very THICK, type 4 hair. With low porosity and its extremely dense. When I say my hair is thick, its extremely thick and shrinks like no ones business when water hits it. When trying these hair supplements, I was hoping that they would boost my already fast growing hair, and help me to retain some length that I "thought" I wasn't keeping.

Now I'll admit, I was one of those people who fell into the "trap". I had studied and researched Hairfinity and The Mane choice both for a quite a long time before I decided to make a purchase from both of them. I decided to give hairfinity a go first, and bought one bottle to start, just to see how I liked it...
I started taking hairfinity late fall, early winter of 2013. As indicated on the bottle, the directions are to take 2 capsules by mouth daily.( preferably with meals). As I did so, I immediately noticed two side effects from Hairfnity that I did not like. 1. Increase in Migraines (I already had a problem with migraines before starting this supplement) and 2. Acne/break-outs. My skin went crazy when I started taking these pills! I'm talking 1-2 new pimples a day. Now I'd say that my skin was is usually pretty clear and smooth and I don't have a hard time keeping it that way. As far as the migraines, I usually get those 1-2 times a month, because they are controlled with a prescription medication I am currently taking. When I started the hairfinity, I had a migraine every other night! I thought to myself, this is crazy! Nevertheless, my hair was growing slightly faster than it was without the supplements. I decided that I would not repurchase Hairfnity after finishing the first bottle.

A few months went buy, and I was still seeing posts from The Mane Choice on Instagram. I was pondering the thought of possibly trying this supplement, because maybe it was a little bit different from hairfinity. I decided to give it a go on a whim, because I felt like I had nothing else to loose. Boy was I WRONG. I will say that I didn't have the same horrible side effects with The Mane Choice vitamins as I did with Hairfinity. No breakouts and no added migraine headaches. But something just wasn't right with my hair over the course of a couple weeks, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I kept complaining to my mother at the time, that something just was NOT right with my hair. It wasn't responding to product like it used to, and it wasn't as thick and full as it usually was. At the time, I contemplated the big chop again, because I was so frustrated. We went over a few things that we thought could be causing the problem and left it at that. Never did we think to question the supplement I was taking. During this time, my hair was growing. I did notice the length, but the thickness just was not what it used to be. By now, I had finished  the first bottle and was on my second bottle (the last bottle). Then, one morning it HIT ME. The hair supplements were causing my hair to thin!!!! It had to be the hair supplements. I can honestly say over the course of the months I was taking the pills that this is when I saw the biggest difference in my hair. The thickness was there but the length had drastically been affected by these supplements.
Now I don't know about anyone else, But Id rather have thick, full healthy hair than long, thin, brittle hair. I'm not sure what chemical in this supplements caused the body and thickness of my hair to be affected, but let me tell you I am not liking it. 

I stopped taking the supplements the beginning of this week. I will come back to you guys in one month to show the difference in my hair as far and thickness and body. Let me just say that I am in no way trying to bash or discredit any of these companies, but I thought it was important to let the natural hair community and my followers know about this. Most of us are so consumed by getting fast, quick results, and getting long, luxurious hair fast that we will take anything and try anything to get it. What's most important is letting your hair do its own thing naturally. Drink water, eat right, take daily vitamins not aimed at hair growth, but aimed to aid the body. I fault myself from gearing away from what's important in my natural hair journey and what I want you all to take away from my posts. Healthy hair, is the best hair, no matter the length. Length will come if you do what you need to do for your hair.

Check back with me in a month guys, and I will do a follow up on how may hair is doing since I have completely stopped the hair supplements. Thanks for reading, feel free to ask questions and comment!



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  2. Thanks for sharing. I was taking GNC ultranourish hair vitamins for 2 months and did experience slight breakouts here and there. I then switched to Mane choice and im on my second month today. I have been having sore and unbearable itching scalp. I have noticed an inch of growth within the 1 month no breakouts or thinning at all. overall I like the supplement but I just wrote customer service to see about the itchy sore scalp. Hopefully its because of hair growth

    1. I am having the same issue with my scalp being unbearably itchy. It was to the point that I thought I had lice! I washed it, greased it, oiled it. Then it finally hit me. It had to be something from inside (the pills). I have been trying to see if anyone is having the same problem. So, far I can't find much.

    2. Agreed, I have been taking them for 3 months straight and have the same issue. My hair flakes and itches so badly just 3 to 4 days after I wash it. It's to the point I have to scratch my scalp with a comb all over just to get the flakes out. Talk about embarrasing!

  3. I was taking hairfinity for a month and it caused my hair to thin. I already had hair to the middle of my back and just wanted to add thickness and a couple inches. I had pencil width curls and after hairfinity i have slight waves. It completely destroyed my hair

  4. so u write the blog with no update?lol

  5. This is correct but its but wired buying a perfect hair supplement is always a problem

  6. Sorry for you guys unfortunate experiences with those hair vitamins,but who knows more about black hair than black people.each ethnicity has its own make up from GOD and what works for each will NOT work for blacks.GOD gave them oily hair but gave us Shea butter.getting away from man-made products and using our own will benefit you a lot.and yes some of us already has the gene to grow very long waistlength hair while others don' cannot force anything out of the hands of are Beautiful either way.long or short.stop trying to compete with white girls and accept what GOD Blessed you with.You are a Princess,weather short or long.keep your body free from poisonous man-made products.GOD gives you the desires of Your heart when you live a life pleasing in HIS eyes.if you desire very beautiful long hair? Just ask him and avoid all processed foods,sodas,too much white sugar,drink more water and watch nature take off.Love you guys in CHRIST JESUS.a Sister in CHRIST.

  7. You are absolutely right.. I really want to stop buying all these products that promise long hair. I want to try doing the right things to my hair only. For example I bought t444z product and now I just feel is making my hair thin. Am regretting why I bought it now. This is because I don't have that much to be spending so much in products that would just not work.

  8. You are correct. My hair is thinning and dry from the Mane Choice. I am stopping as of today.

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  10. You know what? So, I'm NOT crazy. I just finished my first bottle and my hais shedding/knotting something fierce. Will be stopping and just sticking to my biotin gummies