Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guest feature: Meet the beautiful Whitney!

1. Please introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone!! I’m Whitney. I’m from Ohio and I’m a PR, Marketing and Special Events consultant. I write a blog too!

2. Why did you decide to go natural/ become chemical free?

It all started when I had an internship in NYC in 2008. I was getting a lot of sew-in’s because I didn’t have a hair stylist there. While I was there I saw so many woman with beautiful thick curly hair and it inspired me. By the time I got back home to Ohio I had a good chunk of new growth. My hairstylist of 6 years said “Let’s not put a perm in your hair anymore.” And I said, “Ok!”

3. How would you describe your natural hair texture?

Like most naturals I have a few different textures. The crown is very soft and lose so I would say that’s a 3C. However the rest of my hair would be a 4A. My hair tends to get dry pretty fast so I try and moisturize it often.

4. Describe your most recent style regimen within the last month.

I’ve been working out almost every day so throughout the week I try and keep it in some sort of protective style. I don’t know how to french braid L so I usually do a chunky flat twist or maybe some small 2 strand twist and pin it up. Actually as of late, I’ve been feeling very 1950ish and have been wearing a lot of pompadours. I guess I think I’m Janelle Monae or something lol.

5. What are your go to hairstyle(s)
Go to hairstyle is 2 strand twist. My hair loves that. I love to do flat twist outs also, especially on stretched hair because it gives such a great feel for the length I’ve got. But my super go to is a bun. Just gel this bad boy up and I’m good to go for a few days!

6. Do you have a specific wash regimen?

Yes. And btw I hate wash day. I’m so tired afterwards. Lately I’ve been deep conditioning the night before. Then the next day I’ll section the hair off into 4 parts and use the finger detangling method. I don’t like combs or brushes so I spend a considerable amount of time detangling in the shower.

7. What are some of your favorite hair products?

Coconut oil, shea butter, Suave Professionals MoroccanTrader Joes Tea Tree conditioner, Mizani’s Puriphying shampoo, The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell, Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner Deep Moisture Conditioner

8. Do you have any natural hair goals?

My goal is firstly to maintain strong healthy hair. Secondly, I would like to reach back of the bra strap length. 

9. Do you have any advice for other new naturals or those aspiring to be natural?

This is spiritual journey as much as it is a hair journey. As a woman our identity is directly connected to our beauty. Our hair is an extension of our beauty. You are going to have to come to grips with your hair being short for a while. You are going to have to be ok with seeing the curl pattern, no matter if it’s loosely curled or if it’s super tightly coiled. Love this experience and love who God made you to be. A beautiful Queen  J

10. How can you be contacted?

Whitney Billups

Or IG: @letwhitbrandit

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