Sunday, October 27, 2013

Protective style #2/ full sew in with bangs

You guys know that I am currently still doing my protective style challenge for the winter. I had in a kinky curly weave, and removed it about a month ago. I gave my hair a break for about 3 weeks, clipped my ends and deep conditioned my hair each week. I had my hair in a bun, while giving it a break and allowing it it "breathe". Recenty, I had my newest protective style installed which is a full sew in with bangs
I love this style guys :-) 
It's perfect for fall/winter, and it keeps all of my hair protected. I don't have to worry about any leave out, or prepping any of my real hair.
The hair I bought isn't anything fancy, but it's called "Visso" by bobby boss. It's a long the same lines of "outrĂ©" hair for those of you familiar with weaves. I paid $32.99 per pack, and I have 2 1/2 packs installed of two 14 inches and 1/2 bundle of a 12 inch. 

My plan is to keep this in for at least a month, maybe longer.  The reason I am unsure is because there is no real way for me to moisturize my hair and "take care" of it while it's under a full sew in. I want to make sure that my real hair is nurtured while also being protected. 
How do you guys choose to protect your hair during the colder months? Do you ever give your hair a break? Don't forget to subscribe and leave your comments below!!! I plan to be back soon to give and update on the hair :-)