Thursday, March 7, 2013

As I am smoothing gel & my love for twist and curl styles

Hey everyone,
Coming to you to give my thoughts on the As I Am smoothing gel I purchased a couple days ago. I bought the gel at sally's beauty supply, it was $2 off during the month if February, and came to about $5-6 dollars with the $2 off. I've already reviewed another product from there line & loved it (please see previous review of coconut co-wash :-)
I've been wearing my hair in twists for the past couple days. The weekend is coming up and I've got a few places to go with friends and family, so I decided to wear my hair out. My hair needed to be moisturized anyways, especially my ends. I sprayed my hair with water, then smoothed on the shea moisture restorative conditioner, especially on the ends of my hair. Then, I used a small amount of the smoothing gel on the sections. I two-strand twisted, then used perm rods to roll my hair. My entire head is rolled, & I will put on my satin bonnet before I go to bed. I've been loving this twist & curl style lately, it's fun, edgy and easy to do. When the twist and curls get old, I can just put on a headband and keep going if I'm not ready to wash yet. The twist and curl will definitely be my go to style for spring and summer!
I will come back in a couple days to do a final review on smoothing gel, & let you guys know if it competes with my favorite am pro olive oil gel :-)
Later guys,

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