Monday, March 25, 2013

Protective styling: Faux bun!!

So for the past week and a half, my hair has been in a protective style. I've been rocking a faux bun!!!!! Here in lovely Cleveland Ohio, it's been so cold out! So, I decided to take a small break from the mini twists and throw in my trusty faux bun. This is not my hair on top, it's actually dreadlock hair from my local beauty supply store. I bought 2 packs, each were $1.99. When making the bun, I only use about 1/3 of the hair from one pack. I like my buns to be full, but not to much hair, because to me to much hair is unrealistic looking. I could use my own hair for the bun, but I want to keep my hair protected as best as I can. I spray my hair with water daily, and wrap it up each night to keep my edges smooth. This style is perfect for all seasons, and a great way to protect your ends from manipulation and damage.
To slick my hair back and up I sprayed with water and used As I Am smoothing gel, along with creme of nature argan oil edge control. I brushed lightly, used 2 goody headbands and pulled into a bun style. Then proceeded to wrap the dreadlock hair around my real hair.
Let me know if you have questions! Peace and love

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