Saturday, March 23, 2013

Product review :-( *new* Shea moisture curl & shine conditioner

Greetings everyone!
After searching high and low, I have finally found a couple of the NEW Shea moisture products that recently hit target stores. These and a couple other new products hit target stores about 3-4 months ago. New products were added to the coconut hibiscus line (bottles with the pink label) and products were added to the raw Shea butter line (products with the golden/yellow label). I picked up the curl & shine conditioner and the frizz free curl mousse.
Let me just start out by saying that my hair is very protein sensitive. Protein sensitive simply means that my hair can't take a lot of product with protein in it. Protein makes my hair very dry and hard, sometimes brittle. My hair strands are very strong and coily to begin with, & proteins gives hair (mostly damaged hair) what it needs to maintain a strong and healthy look.
I decided to co wash my hair, with the curl and shine conditioner first. I immediately noticed a difference in the moisture levels of my hair when I applied this product to my hair in the shower. My hair was not feeling as moisturized as it did before I entered the shower and put it on my hair. Then it dawned on me....These products contain PROTEIN!!!! I completely forgot why I stopped using the Shea moisture coconut & hibiscus line. That was the reason why. After applying the product I tried to save my hair by adding my trusty tressemme naturals conditioner. It helped some, but not a lot :-( I got out the shower, moisturized with a leave in conditioner and sealed with a cream/oil. My hair was still a bit dry, even after I moisturized and sealed :-( next time I wash I will be using ACV (apple cider vinegar) to rinse and clarify my hair.

So, guys this product is a no go for me. Mainly because it is apart of the coconut and hibiscus line of the Shea moisture products. All of those products contains protein which is a no go for my hair :-( if you guys find them and try them out; let me know how you like them?


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