Monday, June 24, 2013

Guest feature: Meet lovely natural Vecoya!

1. Please introduce yourself!


Hi I’m VeCoya. I’m from North Carolina and I have a full time job so I guess I’ve officially entered adulthoodYAY lol.


2. Why did you decide to go natural/ become chemical free?


I decided to explore my natural state of hair in 2009. I received my last relaxer in January 2009. Honestly because I noticed that my hair was consistently getting shorter over a two year span (from 2007-2009) at the time I didn't knowhy. But my hair breakage was due to me applying too much heat to my hair ....SERIOUSLY I was flat iron HAPPY!


Anywho through the transition process I became intrigued with my natural curls and I haven't looked back since!


3. How would you describe your natural hair texture?


My hair is complex, I have looser curls on the left side and the right side ALWAYS outgrows the left side despite me cutting it even! Its wavy in the front and curly in the back. It's soft, unruly at times, thick, beautiful but I embrace it all! Perfectly flawed, but I LOVE my hair for that. Afterall, what on God’s green earth is perfect? 

4. Describe your most recent style regimen within the last month.


Within the past month I’ve rocked my hair in various styles; flexi rods; straw sets; I braid it back into protective styles; and wear buns. I love variety!


5. What's your go to hairstyle(s):


If I had to choose a favorite style I think it would be the bunits an easy go to protective style. Plus, my sister showed me this awesome technique to make your bun appear much fuller than it actually is lol.


6. Do you have a specific wash regimen?


I co wash at least once a week (every other day in the warmer months) and deep condition at least once a month.



7. What are some of your favorite hair products?

I'm a product junkie! It's so gotten bad that I don't allow myself to go to the beauty supply store anymorelol. But if I were on a deserted island and could only have two products I would choose coconut oil and Jane Carter Solution Leave In Revitalizing Conditioner. I use both daily and they are full or fortifying and natural ingredients.


8. So you have any natural hair goals?


My natural hair goals are to maintain healthy hair. I used to want to retain maximum length but I’ve come to realize that healthy hair triumphs length any day!


9. Do you have any advice for other new naturals or those aspiring to be natural?


My advice would be to develop patience because this journey is definitely a process.


Fall in love with your texture and your natural curls. Don't compare yourself to others because this is your journey. That applies to products as well, what works for me may not necessarily work for you and vice versus. Experiment and try new products and hairstyles to see what works for you.


If you are experimenting with a new hairstyle and it turns out disastrous, try again. The more you try, the more you will learn and the better you will get at it, just like anything else in life. 

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