Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shampoo review, and my current obsession of deep conditioners!

Hi guys!
So. Remember about 3-4 months back when I told you I was going to review the Aunt Jackie's line?????? Well.... Lol I finally tried the shampoo, anddddd I love it! The aunt Jackie's line comes with 4 different products. 
1. Oh so clean shampoo
2. Knot on my watch detangler
3. In control Deep conditioner
4 curl la la defining curl custard

I bought 3 of the products in a package deal on amazon, one of which was the shampoo. It smells good (smells like candy), it's sudsy, it's moisturizing and it does NOT strip my hair! This shampoo is sulfate free and paraben free, no mineral oils or petroleums! So all in all the shampoo is fantastic. Gets 5/5 stars from me. Does the job, moisturizing and it's a 12 oz bottle, so I have a lot left.
As far as the name... Well uh, I'm not so sure about that lol. As we all know there is a brand out called "Miss Jessie's", so idon't  know if Aunt Jackie's  is somewhat of a knock off of the Miss Jessie's brand. I don't mind much, because Aunt Jackie's costs less, and has better ingredients.

Since I washed my hair tonight, I have to deep condition. I have found another deep conditioner that I am currently obsessed with. It's by "smooth and shine",Olive oil and tea tree oil deep recovery conditioner. I've been using this stuff for about a month now and let me tell you, it's better than Eden Bodyworks deep conditioner and any other deep conditioner I've tried before! I buy the $1.29 packs from Walmart or Sally's!  If only I could buy a bigger bottle of this stuff. Oh well, it's good enough to purchase over and over again! The ingredients are pretty good. No harsh chemicals, petroleums or parabens. 
I apply this to my hair, and then use my heated cap for about 30 minutes to allow the product to penetrate. I love my heated cap, deep conditioning just isn't the same without heat! At least, it isn't for my hair. If you have low porosity, dense thick hair, then you should be using a heated cap when deep conditioning also. The heat from the cap lifts the cuticle of the hair, allowing the product to fully penetrate the hair shaft, which allows the product to do its thing! I've found that deep conditioners works so much better on my hair when I apply heat, rather than just letting it sit. 
Tonight, I plan to just two strand twist my hair, and unravel in the morning or pin it up. Depends on how I feel. Let me know if you guys have any questions on products, where to purchase them or any other concerns! Thanks for tuning in!!!!


  1. That heated bonnet looks freaky but I'm gonna try. Where did you get it?