Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hair goals & hair challenges

Hi all-
I'm coming to you all to give some hair updates, and goals I'd like to obtain for the remainder of 2013 and going into to 2014. 
First things first. I won't be straightening my hair for the remainder of 2013. I straightened twice this year, lol which is way more than I usually do. I want to limit the amount of excessive heat used on my hair. Luckily, I have done a great job of keeping my hair protected while straight and haven't gotten any heat damage! 
2nd thing, I'm hoping by next may I can get my fro to reach collarbone length,un- straightened. 
Thirdly, maintaining HEALTHY hair. Keeping up with moisturizing, deep conditioning and trimmed ends will help me reach my hair goals.

What are some of your hair goals? Let me know! Comment and subscribe! Thanks you!


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